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Diving in Little Cayman

The diving and snorkeling around Little Cayman is recognized as some of the best in the Caribbean, if not the world. Annual ratings in dive magazines and in leisure magazines continue to rate the underwater life here and the ease of access to it at the top of their lists. Bloody Bay Wall starts in as little as 12 feet of water so advanced divers and absolute beginners can all enjoy the view!

Paradise Villas works in partnership with Little Cayman Divers (previously known as Conch Club Divers) to offer morning dives 7-days a week. Divers can expect small groups and beginners an get certified in just 2 days! Pick up from the villas is around 7:15-7:30am, returning for lunch around noon. Divers will have to complete their dive waivers online in advance - Detailed information to be found on  


Diving Rates

  • A La Carte morning 2 tank dive trip - $130


  • Afternoon 1 tank dive trip - $65.00

  • Snorkeling trip - $35.00

Rental equipment available. All prices are in USD.

Calm Morning
Dive Boat
Turtle Guiding the Way
Spotted Moray Eel @ Bus Stop
Stingray @ Anne's Attic
Aerial View Of Dive Site
Spotted Eagle Ray
Bloody Bay Wall Drone
Randy's Gazebo
Nurse Shark
Green Turtle
Heading Back In
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